Rebel Recordings

Daw: ProTools 12

Software: We have an extensive range of Waves plugin bundles, the complete Arturia soft synth collection, various Native Instruments Kontact libraries, Celemony Melodyne as well as numerous other processing plugins and sample libraries.

Digital Conversion and preamps: Focusrite Clarett range 16 analog tracks and 4 digital tracks. Focusrite TwinTrack preamp/compressor.

Monitors: KRK Rokit 8s, numerous Headphones including Seinheiser, Beyerdynamic and Sony. (Yamaha HS 5s available on request)

Guitars: Also a (Mexican) Fender Custom Telecaster, Cort nylon string guitar and Jackson SL 1 are available on request.

Microphones: A wide range of microphones from brands such as, AKG, SE, Seinnheiser, Shure and GrooveTube are available.

Keyboards and Synthesisers: Along with the baby grand piano in the live room there is a Korg M1 keyboard and an Edirol PCR-800 midi controller in the control room. We do also have a number of other keyboards and synthesisers available on request: Roland RD-300sx Stage Piano, Roland JP-8000 classic Digital Synthesiser, MicroKorg, Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesiser, Arturia Sparkle Drum Machine and a classic Alesis SR-16.