Rebel Recordings

Rebel Recordings Studio is a conveniently located professional recording facility in Cork City, Ireland. It is located just off the south link road at the Douglas exit about a 15 mins from the city centre and has ample parking.

Our studio’s engineer has over a decade of recording experience and a Masters in Music Technology. He prides himself on being able to deliver quick and professional results either working with seasoned recording artists or people who might be recording for their very first time.

The studio’s live room comes equipped with a full backline of drums and amps. The studio is currently set up as a 26 track digital studio using Focusrite ISA, Clarett and Aphex preamps and analog-to-digital converters while recording into the most update version of ProTools. We also have a large amount of hardware available such as a wide collection of guitar amps and pedals, keyboards, synthesisers and software, such as Kontact sample libraries, numerous soft-synths and an exhaustive collection processing plugins. Mixing is done in a hybrid way, combining the best of modern digital plugin processing and outboard hardware from brands such as Tegeler and DBX.

Rebel Recordings offers wide a range of services from recording music and ADR, to mixing, mastering, green screen filming, events and training courses.

Contact us if you have any other queries regarding services not listed above.